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14 Brighton Natural Features­čÉ×Sharing Natural Attractions in Brighton & Hove

Do you have an interest in wildlife in our local area and Brighton natural features? Are you looking green spaces with sea views to find natural attractions in Brighton & Hove; local places, a wildlife area or a wildlife park? A spot where you can get up close and personal with local nature in Brighton & Hove?

Our friends at White Rabbit Consultancy made it a bit easier for you to steer clear of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Marina Village and other tourist attractions; and help you find Brighton Natural Attractions! Read on to see what we’ve done and more about these incredible places…

Natural Attractions In Brighton

With a recently revived love for nature; I went searching on Google Maps for natural attractions in Brighton & Hove; designated sites to find interesting flora and fauna easily in the local area. Knowing that there are at least 8 Local Nature Reserves (LNR) and wildlife parks across Brighton & Hove, I was disappointed to find that only 3 were pinned on Google Maps and only 1 recorded as an LNR.

Mapping Brighton Natural Attractions

As a regular contributor to Google Maps, with a healthy Local Guide rating and several Google awards for: helping others get the right info about places on Google, bringing locations to life with amazing photos and videos of places people care about and adding important info about places.

White Rabbit has now added 8 of Brighton & Hove’s Local Nature Reserves to Google Maps.

Brighton Local Nature Reserves

What Nature Can You Find In Brighton?

Brighton & Hove is home to some of the UK’s rarest natural habitats. With close links to the South Downs National Park, most of our Local Nature Reserves are strong holds for Calcareous or Chalk Grassland, a nationally rare habitat type. Besides the chalk grassland, which hosts a wealth of rare and listed species; we also have some excellent examples of Vegetated Shingle within our city, another nationally scarce habitat type as Brighton natural features (close to Volk’s Electric Railway and another near Shoreham Harbour).

Check out these other posts, if you’re interested in reading about the specifics of some of the Rare Butterflies in Brighton and most Common Bees in Sussex that you are likely to find on your travels.

Wilder Future For Brighton & Hove

Some of the listings for LNR wildlife parks and natural features in Brighton are still waiting to be verified; several have photos and details of the sites in the form of reviews. Hopefully before long they will all be fully verified and stuffed with fantastic photos; of the wonderful wildlife that can be found within.

8 Local Nature Reserves in Brighton

See the full list of Brighton & Hove’s Local Nature Reserves and Brighton’s Wildlife Parks on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/WwhuX162P3yqeY66A

National Nature Reserve in Brighton

Castle Hill National Nature Reserve

There is one designated National Nature Reserve in Brighton & Hove, Castle Hill NNR. This is an area of rich chalk grassland; managed for the council by Natural England who arrange for it to be grazed by local sheep watch over by Lookerers. A haven for local wildlife as it is tucked away between the South Downs.

Brighton Natural Geological Attractions

Besides the Local Nature Reserves in Brighton now listed on Google Maps; 4 Local Geological Sites of interest have been added. These are sites that hold specific interest to geologists, archaeologists, fossil collectors and others. Brighton’s cliff faces hold vital info about past climate change over millions of years and they are easily visible from some of these sites.

4 Local Geological Sites in Brighton

See the list of Brighton & Hove Geological Sites of Interest and natural geology attractions on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/6bNUNai8rALXm2Ze8

Brighton Nature Walks & Wildlife Parks

Most of these Nature Reserves in Brighton & Hove are open to the public. Many of the Brighton’ natural attractions have established walking trails, allowing you to explore all the wildlife and nature within. Several of these wildlife parks and nature walks in Brighton have Volunteer Path Wardens attached. As path wardens we help the Brighton & Hove City Council to ensure the paths in Brighton & Hove are used responsibly and remain accessible to all.

Brighton Natural History Museum

The Booth Museum of Natural History has been home for the study of wildlife and the natural world in Brighton for many years. Helping local schools, community groups and conservationists access and share knowledge and information; about the incredible plants and creature that we share this planet with.

Why Are We Doing This?

As corporate supporters to the NBN, the White Rabbit team works to make wildlife more accessible online. A vital part of protecting our environment, now and in the future; is to understand and support the biodiversity in Brighton natural features. Because the Google Maps API is used in the vast majority of mapping apps these days, this work will also form part of a wider project; to help with wildlife recording and monitoring of natural features in Brighton & Hove, at these sites.

As a group White Rabbit enjoys giving back to the local community. Providing time and resources to local projects that improve and better the environment for all. As a keen amateur naturalist and ecologist, I hope that sharing info about the Brighton natural features and Local Nature Reserves in Brighton will make these places more accessible; to the new wave of tech savvy Wildlife Warriors among us and those who didn’t even know these places existed. Supporting Biodiversity and Brighton Natural Attractions in our local area.

Favourite Brighton Natural Features

We know Brighton Beach and Brighton Racecourse are popular to many; but we want to know about your favourite Brighton natural features and wildlife area in Brighton & Hove that are not mentioned here (or if they are tell us how great you think they are).

Do you feel like it deserves a recognised status of Local Wildlife Site or even Local Nature Reserve? Let us know in the comments below and we can at least add it to Brighton Google Maps, if it can meet the criteria.