Wild Flower & Grass Seeds 100g

Wild Flower & Grass Seeds 100g


Wild Flower & Grass Seeds 100g

  • Fresh UK Seed
  • Grows in most soil types
  • Wildflower and meadow grass seeds

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Wild Flower & Grass Seeds

Wild flower meadow mix, certainly one of the largest mix of flowers. A mix of common and rare wild flowers & grasses which will attract the bees and butterflies along with many beneficial insects and wildlife The grasses are specially selected as they are very slow growing and none intrusive. No cheap invasive rye grasses.

30% Flowers: Tansy Scented mayweed, Corky fruited dropwort, Shepherds purse, Hoary plantain, Great Mullein, Bladder Campion, Purple loosestrife, Cowslip, Wild Teasel, Night flowering catchfly, Pheasants eye, Valerian, Yellow Rattle, Forget me not, Red campion, White clover, Burnet, Black medic, Ribwort plantain, Birdsfoot trefoil, Sainfoin, Oxeye daisy, Field poppy, Corncockle, Self heal, Borage, Vetch, Wild teasel, Elf dock, Golden Tickseed, Marsh Mallow, Purple Loosestrife, Foxglove, Meadow buttercup, Wild carrot, Cornflower, Hedge bedstraw.

70% Grasses: Cocksfoot, Greater quaking grass, yorkshire fog, meadow foxtail, Timothy, Upright Brome, Strong creeping red fescue, Meadow fescue, Smooth meadow grass, Crested dogstail, Sheeps fescue.


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