Wild Flower Seeds Mix 2g

Wild Flower Seeds Mix 2g


Wild Flower Seeds Mix 2g

  • Cornfield Annual Flower Special Mix
  • Professional Seed Company
  • Defra Registered 7291 + Organic Registration AP23164
  • All Seeds Packed and labelled with helpful growing information

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Wild Flower Seeds Mix

Cornfield Annual Flower Special Mix – 100% Native British Wild Flower Seeds. This special mix contains a wider range of flowers than our other mixture including less available flowers.

2g = sufficient to cover 1 square metre

Wild Flowers % – Latin name – Common name
30 – Agrostemma githago – Corn Cockle
5 – Anthemis arvensis – Corn Chamomile
3 – Bupleurum rotundifolium – Thorow-wax
25 – Centaurea cyanus – Cornflower
15 – Chrysanthemum segetum – Corn Marigold
2 – Myosotis arvensis – Field Forget-me-not
10 – Papaver rhoeas – Common Poppy
10 – Silene noctiflora – Night-flowering Catchfly

This mix will flower about 3 months from sowing. Can be sown in spring or autumn. They will then self seed but will need to be weeded and thinned to keep a balanced mix.


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