BioBlitz for a Wilder Future on Planet Earth

You can use Citizen Science to Record Wildlife and help to Support Biodiversity in Your Area. Create a wilder future for us all... #BackingNature

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You can make a real difference to nature with Citizen Science

Everything found during a Bioblitz is recorded and should be shared to a wildlife database such as the National Biodiversity Network’s NBN Atlas. All the info helps us to understand what range of species live in these places, so we can better protect them in the future.


What is a BioBlitz?

Bioblitz is quite simply a wildlife survey, accessible to all and you can usually drop in for as long as you like; to help a team of naturalists, wildlife experts and volunteers.

The aim of a BioBlitz is to find and ID as many plants, insect, animals and any other wildlife that you can, within a set period of time. This can be anything from a 15 minute sit in your garden, to a team event covering an entire nature reserve or wider area over several days.

Find a BioBlitz

Find a BioBlitz

Not just a summer time affair, there are BioBlitzes going on all the time; all over the country and there’s probably one near you.

Find out who and where is running a BioBlitz in your local area or further a field.


Run a BioBlitz

It doesn’t take much to carry out a BioBlitz, mainly something to find and record… and people willing to do the spotting.

Read this section for advice on how to set up and run a BioBlitz in your chosen location.


BioBlitz @ Home

From a spell in the garden to a stroll round your local park, there is wildlife on your doorstep and it needs to be recorded.

Get some handy tips on how you can carry out your very own mini BioBlitz here.


Get The Right Kit!

Any successful BioBlitz needs some kit, take a look at our hand picked products to help you catch, view and identify your fascinating finds of wonderful wildlife.


Join a BioBlitz

Bioblitz events run across the country all year round, so grab your binoculars, bug pots and boots, then find a wildlife spotting event near you.


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