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BioBlitz Recording

Recording Your BioBlitz Data

One of the most important aspects of any BioBlitz is to record all of the bugs, plants, amphibians, birds, fish, fungus and other organism that you find.

Here is where you can do just that…

First of all you can download our Free BioBlitz Recording Template, this is used for noting down all your finds as you see them during your BioBlitz. Once you have completed your BioBlitz and filled in lots of data, you should add it to the iRecord database. Read on below to find out more about that and how to do it right here.

Share Your Data

You can also share your data directly to the national databases and other platforms using your smartphone. There are several apps available for recording biological data, these collect the what, where and when of your data automatically. Widely used examples include iRecord (UK National Database) and iNaturalist (US Based International Project).

If you are using an app you should check with the app provider how the data will be verified and shared.

What is iRecord?

iRecord is a free to use website for storing records of biological sightings, you can record your Bioblitz findings and add all your verified data to the Biological Records Centre database. This in turn is sent to the National Biodiversity Network database NBN Atlas, where it is incorporated with other verified data and made available to organisations and research bodies.

Why use iRecord?

iRecord has the advantage of instant feedback and instant mapping of the unverified data. This means that you can show your visitors their sightings as they are entered. You can also support your record by uploading a photo of the specimen. Once verified on iRecord, your wildlife sightings will be included in batch uploads to the NBN Atlas, where the data will be used to guide planning and conservation.

What is the Biological Records Centre?

The BRC was established in 1964 as a national focus in the UK, for terrestrial and freshwater species recording. BRC works closely with the voluntary recording community, principally through support of national recording schemes and societies.

Who is the National Biodiversity Network?

The National Biodiversity Network is a charity that has been championing the sharing of biological data since 2000. They are the UK’s largest partnership for nature, with over 200 members and more than 222 million wildlife records available through the NBN Atlas.

When Will I See My Data on iRecord?

You can view your entries publicly on iRecord once they are submitted. It is hard to say when you will see your findings on the NBN Atlas, once verified they are uploaded in batches from the BRC and will be included by taxonomy.

Record Your BioBlitz

You can submit observations without registering, however some of the features will not be available. It’s free to register and to send your recordings, so you can easily create an account if you don’t have one already. Once you are registered it is also free to download reports of the wildlife observation data available in iRecord. There are many filters available in the reports, so you can be very specific about the data you download.